1. What are the advantages of the 1st Class Web's CMS?

  • You can add unlimited number of pages in your CMS website.
  • You can use our website editor to change content and pictures the same way you use a word processor.
  • Our website editor is user-friendly and requires no special skills.
  • You can create user accounts for your employees to administer different sections of your website.
  • No special software is required. All you need are a web browser and Internet connection.

2. Why should I choose 1st Class Web to build my website?
1st Class Web develops your website to work for you, be profitable and give you a return on your investment. Your website will be

  • appealing
  • professional
  • loaded quickly
  • easy to update
  • easy to navigate
  • compatible with most types of browsers

Please check out our wide range of products to help promote your business.
3. Can I modify the content myself?
Yes, you can modify the content yourself. Because the administration is web based, even if you are on vacation, you can still modify the content, monitor your order status and change pricing by using a web browser and Internet connection.
4. Are there any long-term commitments?
No, there are no long-term commitments and you can discontinue our service at any time without paying any cancellation fees.
5. Are there any hidden or extra charges?
No, there are no hidden or extra charges.
Before we start working on your website, we present you with a detailed proposal that outlines the scope of your website project. When you approve the work as described in the proposal, you will sign a Service Agreement with us. This assures that there are no surprises or any hidden charges.
If you need more information, please contact us.